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pijl_red.gif (820 bytes) What can you expect?

• Extreme stuntriding on different motorcycles, each show can be designed to the theme of the event.
• The shows are completely designed for every event, and can take place on almost any location.
• Up to 3 stuntshows a day. A show has a duration from 5 to a maximum of 20 minutes of time.
• Create your own stuntshow, with this free option you can make the event, exhibtion or occasion unique for yourself and/or your customers.
• Stuntshows are suitable for every occasion; opening- jubilee- goodbye- birthday- village- and
summerparty's, open days, exhibtions and presentations.
• After each show free posters are signed by the stuntrider, also interviews and photo sessions are possible

pijl_red.gif (820 bytes) What it is needed?

• Riding space,   50 x 4 meters (bigger = better) is the minimal space for a stuntshow, but smaller spaces are also possible.
• A straight surface, asphalt and concrete are ideal, but other surfaces are also possible.
• There are no attributes needed for a stuntshow.

pijl_red.gif (820 bytes) What will happen during a stuntshow?

• Every stunt that the spectators are not expecting on a motorcycle will be peformed in a spectaculair but safe way.
• For a impression what kind of stunts you can expect, have a look at the Multimedia page on the website.
• You own ideas about a stunt or show are welcome, everything to your wishes.

pijl_red.gif (820 bytes) Price and other information

For a stuntshow proposal designed for your event you can use the contact details below.
You can also use the emailadress to request a free brochure/pricelist.

pijl_red.gif (820 bytes) Email:        info@ktm-stuntrider.nl
pijl_red.gif (820 bytes) Phone:   +316 294 85 228